2017-06-05 00:39
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I'm working with Laravel 5.4 and I have a list of users in admin panel I want to add search box in top of my users list to search them and I want to results be live (when typing words results shows) I guess should use Ajax for that(not sure!)

Let say this is my users list code:

@foreach ($users as $user)
  <td>{{ $user->first_name }}</td>
  <td>{{ $user->last_name }}</td>
  <td>{{ $user->username }}</td>
  <td>{{ $user->email }}</td>

How can I get that search to work with it?

Should I install any plugin or just use Vue.Js or ...?


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我正在使用Laravel 5.4,我在管理面板中有一个用户列表我想添加搜索框 我的用户列表顶部搜索它们,我希望结果是实时的(当键入单词结果显示时)我想应该使用Ajax(不确定!)

让我说这是我的 用户列表代码:

  @foreach($ users as $ user)
&lt; td&gt; {{$ user-&gt; first_name}}&lt; / td&gt; 
  &lt; td&gt; {{$ user-&gt; last_name}}&lt; / td&gt; 
&lt; td&gt; {{$ user-&gt; username}}&lt; / td&gt; 
&lt; td&gt; {{$ user  - &gt;电子邮件}}&lt; / td&gt; 
 @ endforeach 

如何使用该搜索进行搜索? \ n



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  • dormbaf90464 2017-06-05 02:20

    you actually must use ajax technology for this .. but only once .. let the angularJS or vue do the searching function .. i actually wanted to post a snippet here but there's seems to be a bug .. so here's a sample you might wanna see ..

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  • dsbiw2911188 2017-06-05 01:38

    You could use

    Include in your html (if you're using gulp, use in your file who controls the dependencies)

        <table id="myTable">
                <th>First name</th>
                <th>Last name</th>
                @foreach($users as $user)
                <td> {{ $user->first_name }} </td>
                <td> {{ $user->last_name }} </td>
                <td> {{ $user->username}} </td>
                <td> {{ $user->email }} </td>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
        <script src="">
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