2016-08-01 14:48
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在Laravel 5.2中为登录用户启用/注册页面

I need to enable /register page to logged in users and restrict for non logged in users in laravel 5.2. I tried changing \app\Http\Controllers\Auth\AuthController.php page constructer to view /register page to logged in users but it didn't work...

public function __construct() {
     $this->middleware($this->guestMiddleware(), ['except' => ['logout', 'getRegister', 'postRegister']]);

It would be great help if someone can look into this.

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我需要启用/注册页面以登录用户并限制laravel 5.2中未登录的用户。 我尝试更改\ app \ Http \ Controllers \ Auth \ AuthController.php页面构造器来查看/注册页面以登录用户但它不起作用...

  public  function __construct(){
 $ this-> middleware($ this-> guestMiddleware(),['except'=> ['logout','getRegister','postRegister']]); 
} \  n   


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  • dtmm0148603 2016-08-01 15:05

    You can add inside auth group middleware all your routes that redirect to views visible to the logged in users.

     Route::group(['middleware' => ['auth']], function () {
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