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将HTML DOM保存到服务器上的文件中

I have an html5 web page that allows users to drag-n-drop objects between divs. After a user has moved objects around, I would like to save the current DOM to a file on my web server.

I know I can get the current HTML DOM using javascript but of course, I cannot save to a file on my server using javascript. So I thought about passing the html to a PHP page to do the "save" function, but I cannot figure out how to get the html passed to a PHP page. I've tried sending it as an argument in the URL with URI encoding, but the PHP page is not properly getting the entire string from the URL.

Should this approach work? If so, what am I missing to get the html string passed correctly to a PHP page? Or should I be using some other method?

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我有一个html5 网页,允许用户在div之间拖放对象。 用户移动对象后,我想将当前DOM保存到我的Web服务器上的文件中。

我知道我可以使用javascript获取当前的HTML DOM但当然, 我无法使用javascript保存到我的服务器上的文件。 所以我考虑将html传递给PHP页面来执行“保存”功能,但我无法弄清楚如何将html传递给PHP页面。 我尝试使用URI编码将其作为参数发送到URL中,但是PHP页面没有正确地从URL获取整个字符串。

这种方法是否有效? 如果是这样,我错过了什么让html字符串正确传递到PHP页面? 或者我应该使用其他方法吗?

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