2016-02-02 14:47
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Can someone help me please,
I have a view dashboard and I want to put a hyperlink button in HTML, using a Laravel 5 command. When that button is clicked, it may show encomendas view.

This is the view Dashboard:

<a href="{{ URL::route('zoekenindex') }}" class="btn btn-default">Left</a>

In my controller I have this:

Route::get('zoekenindex', array('as' => 'zoekenindex', 'uses' => 'encomendas@show'))

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我有一个视图仪表板,我想要一个超链接按钮 HTML,使用Laravel 5命令。 单击该按钮时,它可能会显示组态视图。


 &lt; a href =“{  {URL :: route('zoekenindex')}}“class =”btn btn-default“&gt;左&lt; / a&gt; 

在我的控制器中我有 这个:

  Route :: get('zoekenindex',array('as'=&gt;'zoekenindex','uses'=&gt;'encomendas @ show'))  
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  • douzhenzu0247 2016-02-02 20:18

    I don't know if I understood the question, but try this:

    <a href="{{ action('EncomendasController@show') }}">Left</a>

    EncomendasController is the name of the controller. show is the method inside the controller.

    And remember to define it in routes.php.

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