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Laravel 5.1阵列

I am using Laravel 5.1 And I need to convert array to diffrent array So I am having

$wells = Well::get(array('well_id' => 'url','well' => 'name','iso3'))->toArray();

$users= User::get(array('id' => 'url', 'name' => 'name'))->toArray();

So from bouth of the arrays the output should be converted from well_id to url from wells and id to url from users. So even if they are different from the database the output will have the same 'name' because after I am having a function for both but it uses this 'name'. So the examle I have given is not working but it should be something like this. Thank you.

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我正在使用Laravel 5.1 我需要将数组转换为不同的数组 我正在使用

  $ wells = Well :: get(array('well_id'=>'url','well'=>'name','iso3')) - > toArray(  ); 
 $ users = User :: get(array('id'=>'url','name'=>'name')) - > toArray(); 

因此,从数组的bouth,输出应该从well_id转换为url,从井转换为url,从用户转换为url。 因此,即使它们与数据库不同,输出也将具有相同的“名称”,因为在我为两者提供了一个函数但是它使用了这个“名称”。 因为我给出的考试不起作用但它应该是某种东西 像这样。 谢谢。

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  • dpp3047 2016-01-06 23:47

    You can use select function of Laravel

    $wells = Well::select('well_id as url','well as name','iso3')->get()->toArray();


    $users= User::select(array('id' => 'url', 'name' => 'name'))->get()->toArray();

    i haven't try it but it should work.

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