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I have a simple problem getting data from an eBay API string. I want to format numbers to 2 digits 8.0 > 8.00

This works fine

echo $price;  // output: 8.0


echo number_format($price, 2);  // output:   (nothing)

A var_dump tells me why...

// output: object(SimpleXMLElement)#19 (2) { ["@attributes"]=> array(1) { ["currencyId"]=> string(3) "USD" } [0]=> string(3) "8.0" } 

How do I get the 8.0 into a 8.00 (I know I can use REGEX but it feels like not the proper way)

And while we are here, how I can get the 'USD' ?

PS: the API call used is findCompletedItems - and strangely to me, the XML response has no visible USD at all.

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    dongqiangse6623 dongqiangse6623 2018-05-20 11:06

    The var_dump gives you an object of type SimpleXMLElement which has a __toString method which returns the text content that is directly in the element so echo $price; will result in 8.0

    The USD is part of the attributes which returns an object of type SimpleXMLElement.

    You can get the price and the currency casting it to a (string)

    $priceAsString = (string)$price;
    $currencyIdAsString = (string)$price->attributes()->currencyId;
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  • duanpan3166 duanpan3166 2018-05-20 03:29

    You're not passing in a string, you're passing in an object of class SimpleXMLElement. The easiest you can do is cast it to a string before passing it to number_format using (string)$price

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