2017-08-02 15:48
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I'm looking into creating an html app with Cordova. Now I know how to create a form for a website and using PHP to mail the form but my concern is, Would I be able to use PHP with my app to mail the form to an email? is there an article I can read that is relevant to my current situation? or maybe if you can refer me to another coding language I can use to substitute PHP if I cant use PHP to mail the form I hope I can use stack overflow to ask the question, Thanks!.

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  • dongwuchu0314
    dongwuchu0314 2017-08-02 17:22

    The Answer is yes, I think you're confusing PHP (Backend language that runs at the server side) with Cordova( Hybrid-platform, client-side), Cordova by itself won't send the email with the form. unless you want cordova to work as mailer, here there is a plugin that let you send e-mail without backend, using some of your accounts.

    from Plugin documentation:

    The Email service is only available on devices which have configured an email account...

    PHP let you to send the email from the server but for PHP render a HTML page in your Cordova Application must be through a WebView pointing to the url. by the other hand you can make the form in your Cordova Application with sources in your client-side and connect it through service. Make an request from your app with the data and receive it with PHP and make your business.

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