2017-06-22 13:18
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I am working on a web app that asks a series of questions and then generates a text document from those questions. The document is created and a download is automatically triggered on the clients browser.That works perfectly.

However, what I would like to do now is create a ZIP file from this file when it is created on the fly and add some additional files also. Though I cannot figure out if this is possible with PHP?

Can anyone advise? I have looked around, but all examples/tutorials demonstrate creating ZIP files from files that already exist in the file system?


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我正在开发一个Web应用程序,它会询问一系列问题,然后根据这些问题生成一个文本文档。 创建文档并在客户端浏览器上自动触发下载。这非常有效。

但是,我现在要做的是在动态创建时从此文件创建一个ZIP文件,并添加一些其他文件。 虽然我无法弄清楚这是否可以用PHP?

有人可以提供建议吗? 我环顾四周,但所有示例/教程演示如何从文件系统中已存在的文件创建ZIP文件?


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