2017-04-11 17:47

PHP和Classic ASP在同一台机器上返回不同的IP地址


I'm working on a website that is part Classic ASP and part PHP. There's a process that checks the user's IP address on the PHP side, then confirms in ASP that the user is on the same IP. (This is part of a system to share logins between the two systems, but prevent hijack attacks.)

PHP saves the IP to a MySQL database. Then ASP queries MySQL to check the IP is the same address as PHP saved.


ASP Request.ServerVariables( "REMOTE_ADDR" ) =

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong here? (other than "using VBScript" ;-) ? )

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  • duanmao1319 duanmao1319 4年前

    Question answered (and I'm feeling foolish). PHP is making the call to the ASP page. Therefore as far as the ASP end is concerned, the Server itself is the "remote user". PHP sees the user's IP. ASP see's the Server as the "user", thus the IPs don't match.

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