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I have a table that displays tuples of books and data about them. There is also a radio button for each row. The idea is that the user selects the button to indicate that they want to order that book.

function displayAllBooks(){

$dbhost = 'localhost:3306';
$dbuser = 'root';
$conn = mysqli_connect($dbhost, $dbuser);

//sql statement to use the database
$sql = 'use BookStore';
mysqli_query($conn, $sql);

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM Author, Books, Written_By, Book_Categories, Assigned_To '
             . 'WHERE Author.Author_ID = Written_By.Author_ID'
             . ' AND Books.ISBN = Written_By.ISBN'
             . ' AND Books.ISBN = Assigned_To.ISBN'
             . ' AND Assigned_To.Cat_Code = Book_Categories.Cat_Code'
             . ' ORDER BY ALname ASC';

$result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql);
$row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);

echo '<form action = "customerDashboard.php" method = "post">';
echo 'First name: 
      <input type= "text" name ="CFname"<br>
      Last name:
      <input type= "text" name ="CLname"<br>';
echo '<p style="text-align:center"><b> All Books </b></p>';

echo '<table class="center">'
    . '<tr>'
    . '<th>Order</th>'    
    . '<th>Title</th>'
    . '<th>Price</th>'
    . '<th>Author</th>'
    . '<th>Publication Date</th>'    
    . '<th>User Review</th>'
    . '<th>Category</th>'
    . '</tr>';

    if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) {
        $bookCt = 0;
          //mysqli_fetch_assoc associates an array with the results
        while ($row) {
            $retTitle = $row["Title"];
            $retPrice = $row["Price"];
            $retALname = $row["ALname"];
            $retPubDate = $row["Publication_Date"];
            $retReview = $row["User_Reviews"];
            $retCat = $row["Cat_Desc"];

            //fetch ISBN for each book, for use with the radio buttons to
            //place orders
            $sql = 'SELECT ISBN from Books WHERE Title="'.$retTitle .'"';
            $resultISBN = mysqli_query($conn, $sql);
            $rowISBN = mysqli_fetch_assoc($resultISBN);
            $currISBN = $rowISBN["ISBN"];

            echo '<td><input type="radio" name="'.$currISBN.'"></td>';
            echo "<td> $retTitle </td>";
            echo "<td> $retPrice </td>";
            echo "<td> $retALname </td>";
            echo "<td> $retPubDate </td>";
            echo "<td> $retReview </td>";
            echo "<td> $retCat </td>";
            echo "</tr>";

            $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);
    else {
        echo "0 results";

    echo "</table>";
    echo '<input type="submit" name="placeOrder" value="Order Selected Book">';
    echo '</form>';

I've been trying something like onselect="load the button name into a session variable" but I have been unable to implement it.

Each radio button has a name value that is the ISBN (primary key) for the current book thats being put into the table. I want to be able to select a radio button, have that ISBN be stored in a session or global variable, and use that specific ISBN for another method, placeOrder(). After a radio button is checked, the user inputs their first and last name and presses "order selected book", which reloads the page and triggers the placeOrder() function via:

else if(isset($_POST["placeOrder"])){
    //for placing orders on a single book

which is present at the beginning of the PHP portion, alongside other function calls.

I'm pretty new to PHP and HTML, so forgive me if the answer is obvious. I could do this if the radio button name was explicit, but since it is changing with each row, I cannot figure it out.

Main idea: How can i capture info that a selected radio button corresponds with so I can use said info in another function?

The answer doesn't have to involve session or global variables, any help is appreciated.

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  • douqudi5282 2016-11-26 14:15

    You could an array to represent the radio buttons with the isbn as the index

    echo '<td><input type="radio" name="books['.$currISBN.']"></td>';

    and then loop through it on the server side

    foreach ($_POST['books'] as $isbn => $on){
    // do something with $isbn
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