2016-09-26 05:01
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CodeIgniter使用[:: 1]重定向替换localhost URL

I'm currently writing an application where I extend the CI_Controller class and check if a user is logged in, if they aren't I redirect them to the login page.

However, I'm finding that whenever I do this, my the URL it redirects to, changes from localhost/~username/ to [::1]/~username/

The system I'm using is OS X Yosemite and using safari

I've searched everywhere, but with no luck. Any ideas as to the cause of this and how to solve it?

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我正在编写一个应用程序,我在其中扩展CI_Controller类并检查用户是否已登录,如果他们 不是我将它们重定向到登录页面。

但是,我发现每当我这样做时,我重定向到的URL,从localhost / ~username /更改为[ :: 1] / ~username /

我使用的系统是OS X Yosemite并使用safari

我到处搜索,但是 没有运气。 关于这个原因以及如何解决它的任何想法?

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