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queue:listen timeout停止处理队列处理

i'm using laravel 5 queue for render some 3d files with blender.

some models, have problem with rendering and rendering time is really high like 1 min.

i want to have timeout for doing job (60 sec), when i add timeout to queue:listen , if some job executing time be higher that 60 second , my queue stops but i want just ignore that job and continue doing other jobs.

command i ran:

php artisan queue:listen --tries=3 --timeout=60

error :

  The process "'/usr/local/php56/bin/php56' 'artisan' queue:work '' --queue='default' --delay=0 --memory=128 --sleep=3 --tries=3 --timeout=120 --env='production'" exceeded the timeout of 60

what should i do for solving this ?


I googled supervisor,and i found that supervisor is used to continue queue when any problem happened such rebooting VPS or other problem happening outside of job works.

I do n't think supervisor must be used for my problem ...

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我正在使用laravel 5队列来渲染一些带有blender的3d文件。</ p> < p>某些模型,渲染时出现问题,渲染时间真的很高,比如1分钟。</ p>

我希望工作超时(60秒),当我向队列添加超时时: 听,如果某个作业执行时间高于60秒,我的队列就会停止,但我想忽略那个作业并继续做其他工作。</ p>

命令我跑了:</ p>

  php artisan queue:listen --tries = 3 --timeout = 60 
 </ code> </ pre> 

错误:</ p>

  Symfony \ Component \ Process \ Exception \ ProcessTimedOutException] 
进程“'/ usr / local / php56 / bin / php56''artisan'queue:work''-queue ='default' -  delay = 0 --memory = 128 --sleep = 3 --tries = 3 --timeout = 120 --env ='production'“超过60秒的超时时间。  
 </ code> </ pre> 

我该怎么做才能解决这个问题?</ p>

编辑:</ strong> </ p> \ n

我用google搜索主管,我发现当出现任何问题时,主管会用来继续排队,例如重启VPS或在工作之外发生的其他问题。</ p>

我这样做 我认为主管必须用于我的问题...... </ p> </ div>

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