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I am currently rebuilding a legacy application in Rails. The legacy application is based on PHP and uses a MySQL database.

The main challenge thus far is migrating the data across and conforming to a structure that is suitable for Rails.

The legacy PHP app has many tables with most having an identical column structure, the only exception being a couple of tables with additional columns. The reason for the separation is the data is being inserted by many different scripts, so just for troubleshooting/safety they are all split up.

What is the best way to transition this data across to Ruby on Rails?

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我目前正在Rails中重建遗留应用程序。 遗留应用程序基于PHP并使用MySQL数据库。


遗留PHP应用程序有许多表,其中大多数具有相同的列结构,唯一的例外是几个带有其他列的表。 分离的原因是数据被许多不同的脚本插入,因此只是为了排除故障/安全性,它们都被分开了。

将这些数据转换为最佳方法的最佳方法是什么 Ruby on Rails?

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