dongnai8013 2014-04-22 10:28
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  1. I just want to show the amount of data fetched from Api.

  2. output should be like 10% fetched 90 % remaining like that.

  3. I'm searching how should I calculate the amount the amount retreived and remaning data left to be fetched.

  4. I have been working on basecamp api It would waste lots of time to fetch tasks , activities etc. So just want that I want to show time left while fetching in Ajax .

I have googled and found a link: Monitoring_progress but if any body could suggest to me where to start I would much appreciate.

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  • dongzongpeng6474 2014-04-22 11:16

    As far as I know there is no way to get the exact time, but you can get an approximation.

    Why you can't have an exact time ?

    Most of the time is spent in the basecamp servers, not in the request. The link you posted offers a way for basecamp to push progress messages. If they don't do so, you will get nothing.

    You can imagine the basecamp servers as a wall. Behind the wall is the progress, but you can't see behind a wall and you are not allowed by basecamp to climb it.

    What to do ?

    You can approximate this time. With a method similar to what is posted here:

    var ajaxTime= new Date().getTime();
        type: "POST",
        url: "some.php",
    }).done(function () {
        var totalTime = new Date().getTime()-ajaxTime;

    you can measure how long it will take to complete a request.

    Than you calculate the mean time of all requests made to an url. That time will be good enough.

    I recommend something like this:

    • Measure times by yourself for every request, 10 times.
    • Calculate the mean of the times ( sum them and divide by 10 (the number of requests))
    • Save the result and send it when you initiate your application and store in the browser.
    • When user makes request, get the precalculated time and display a timer.


    To display a fix amount of time as a percent you can do like this:

    • secondsPerPercent = timeInSeconds / 100 <-- this is how many seconds need to pass for a percent to be filled.
    • make a javascript timer (code for it can be found on google) that updates the percent every secondsPerPercent.
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