2014-04-12 15:36
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I am working in PHP with PDO. The problem I am having is: I have a table called products. It has a column named product_name. Here are some examples of the name of products

Bfilet de bœuf entier                    
Bar de ligne                             
Saumon entier

So when I execute the query

select * from products where product_name='beurre'

It works fine. It returns the corresponding line.

But if I do:

select _ from products where product_name='Saumon entier'"

It does not return any result. There seems to be a problem when there are spaces involved!

And another unusual thing is that I don't seem to be having this problem on the SQL Command line, only when I use PHP to retrieve the data.

Could someone explain to me why and offer a solution?

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我在PHP中使用PDO。 我遇到的问题是: 我有一个名为products的表。 它有一个名为 product_name 的列。 以下是产品名称的一些示例

Bar de ligne 
Saumon entier 


 从product_name ='beurre'的产品中选择* 
 <  / code>  

它工作正常。 它返回相应的行。


 从product_name ='Saumon entier'“


另一个不寻常的事情是我似乎没有 只有当我使用PHP来检索数据时才能在SQL命令行上出现此问题。

有人可以向我解释原因并提供解决方案吗? < / DIV>

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  • dongwei9365 2014-04-12 15:41

    Pattern matching

    Lookup MySQL pattern matching. Code would be something like:

    $stmt = $pdo->prepare('SELECT * FROM products WHERE product_name LIKE ?');
    $stmt->execute(['Saumon entier%']);

    After your edit, it appears you don't want LIKE, but you actually have a space at the end of the string. Quick fix would be:

    SELECT * FROM products WHERE TRIM(product_name) = 'Saumon entier'

    But really you should trim spaces on input.

    Answer to question in comments

    if i have a french product name such as 'Côte de bœuf', Is there a way i can replace the accents?

    In most cases, yes. If your database is utf8 with e.g. utf8_unicode_ci, while ci meaning case-insensitive this would match:

    SELECT 'Côte de boeuf' = 'cote de boeuf';
    'Côte de boeuf' = 'cote de boeuf'

    Note that I removed œ because that won't match, I am not sure to which character it translates. Other option would be to store "non accented" product name in different column and match against those. Lookup iconv in PHP manual.

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