douzen3516 2017-04-28 11:55
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I have these tables with the following columns:


1.1. title
1.2. text
1.3. sortnr


2.1. title
2.2. text
2.3. sortnr

And, obviously, others, but these are the ones that are the same. And what I'd like to do is write a query where I can then loop through these fields as if they were from one table.

What it looks like:

SELECT * FROM article, congress ORDER BY sortDate DESC LIMIT 3

but with that I can't use fields like title and so on because during the loop, all the, for example, title fields are being turned in to the ones from congress table.

Is there a way to mix the two tables and treat them like they were from one table considering that they aren't joined in any way?

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  • doufu1504 2017-04-28 11:59

    Try this:

    SELECT *, 'article' as tblnm FROM article
    SELECT *, 'konferansenentry' as tblnm FROM konferansenentry 
    ORDER BY sortDate DESC 
    LIMIT 3

    It will only work if both table have same field other wise you have to select individual one by one.

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