2014-03-18 04:15
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Dot Net Nuke移动重定向到完整站点

I have a DNN site that redirects to a mobile version of the site. I am trying to set a cookie or a session so that when directing off from the mobile version (to desktop version) it wont just loop back to the mobile website every time. What file should I be looking in to find where the redirect call is? (and to add a check or statement to see if came from mobile site already).


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我有一个DNN网站,可以重定向到该网站的移动版本。 我正在尝试设置一个cookie或一个会话,以便在从移动版本(到桌面版本)引导时,它不会每次都回到移动网站。 我应该查找哪个文件来查找重定向呼叫的位置? (并添加支票或声明以查看是否已来自移动网站。)


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  • dongtuan5367 2014-03-21 00:05

    All you need to do is set a querystring parameter on the redirect to the desktop site of nomo=1. This will set 2 cookies, one of which is "disableredirectpresist" which expires after 20mins. If the user stays on the desktop site, this cookie is refreshed by 20mins to keep user on desktop site.

    So if you have a link on the desktop site that redirects back to mobile, you would want to delete this cookie from your code behind (can't delete from javascript as its a http cookie).

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