2014-02-14 19:39
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在Mac OSx上安装和配置Laravel

I'm trying to configure and use Laravel php framework..

I'm following this Tutorial to install and configure it.

At this point I read:

$ chmod -R 0777 app/storage
// This is simply setting your environment - bootstrap/start.php
$ find -name 'bootstrap/start.php' -print -exec sed -i 's/your-machine-name/localhost/g' {} \; # add machine-name to local env, for instance "localhost"
// MAC OSX FRIENDLY VERSION: find bootstrap -name 'start.php' -exec sed -i '' -e 's/your-machine-name/localhost/g' {} \;

I'm a mac OSx user and I'm not understood this command:

find bootstrap -name 'start.php' -exec sed -i '' -e 's/your-machine-name/localhost/g' {} \;

What is this?

What should I do?

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  • douxiluan6555 2014-02-14 19:46

    It appears to look for a file within the bootstrap directory named 'start.php'. For matching files, it will replace 'your-machine-name' with 'localhost'. To break it down:

    • find - Executes the find command
    • bootstrap - The folder to search in
    • -name 'start.php' - Searches for the file named 'start.php'
    • -exec - For each file that matches the above find, execute the following:
    • sed -i '' -e - Search and replace the following string: (-i modifies the file in-place, -e allows for multiple search/replaces if desired)
    • 's/your-machine-name/localhost/g' - Replace 'your-machine-name' with 'localhost' throughout the whole file
    • {} \; - Ends the find
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