2013-12-02 03:37
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SagePay(VPS协议3.00)AES / CBC / PKCS#5加密问题

I am trying to initiate an order on the Sage Pay servers using VPSProtocol 3.00. I am having problems encrypting the NVP data to generate the "Crypt" field.

When I submit the details to the Sage Pay servers it says "3045 : The Currency field is missing.".

I know my encrypted NVPs are all correct including the currency field. If I change the encryption key to something wrong I get the same error which leads me to believe it's an encryption problem.

Here's the code I am using...

class sagepay{

     * My Encryption Key
    const encryptionKey = 'MY-ENCRYPTION-KEY';

     * Encryption Function.
     * @param string $data NVP Data to be encrypted.
     * @return string Encrypted Data.
    public static function doEncrypt($data){
        $strCrypt = mcrypt_encrypt(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, self::encryptionKey, self::_pkcs5_pad($data), MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, self::encryptionKey);
        return "@".bin2hex($strCrypt);

     * Pad Data
     * @param string $text NVP Data being encrypted.
     * @return string Padded Data.
    private static function _pkcs5_pad($text){
        $blocksize = mcrypt_get_block_size('des', 'cbc');
        $pad = $blocksize - (strlen($text) % $blocksize);
        return $text . str_repeat(chr($pad), $pad);


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  • duansha7025
    duansha7025 2014-01-14 14:39


    This issue is generally due to a bad Encryption key, please triple check that.



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  • douwo8140
    douwo8140 2013-12-22 09:56

    Just check my class to find the working php sagepay form protocol v3 version https://github.com/acidrat/sagepayForm-php

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