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如何在Debian Wheezy上安装PHP5.4.16?

I originally asked this question on, but I got no answers after 1 month, so please allow me to post it here on stakoverflow.

I used to be able to install php-5fpm=5.4.16-1~dotdeb.1, but it seems that this package is no longer available from the latest dotdeb packages.

Here are the steps I tried.

  1. Append the following two lines in /etc/apt/sources.list.

    deb wheezy all

    deb-src wheezy all

  2. Run apt-get update.

  3. Run apt-get install php5-fpm=5.4.16-1~dotdeb.1.

However, this returns E: Version '5.4.16-1~dotdeb.1' for 'php5-fpm' was not found. I tried to avoid it by using a different respository, namely, deb wheezy-php54 all, but this returned the same message. How can I install that specific version of PHP?

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