dongying9756 2013-04-10 22:14
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从ncbi拉xml rss feed

so i have this search and i want to get the rss feed(not manually), like a string with the xml, but i want to do it using php. ive tryed to search for a method on ncbi but i guess im not very good at it..

do i have to search in the html for the href? or something like this getting RSS feeds on website ?

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  • dongmu7335 2013-04-13 16:03

    The feed URL for the search isn't contained on the page. Clicking 'Create RSS' makes a call to the server to store the search terms and returns a feed with a new rss_guid. If there isn't an API to call you would need to examine the JavaScript and simulate a browser clicking on that button.

    (As an implementation detail, the site returns different guids even when the search is the same, which implies that each 'Create RSS' is creating a new resource.)

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