douxie2029 2017-03-30 05:27
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Maybe its a question answered before but im so noobie in Web Development. Im trying to get a full XML text from this page:

Human Genome

And, I need to do some XPath queries in that code, like "get the ID" and others. For example:


How I can to get the full XML in a php object to request data throught XPath queries?

I used this code before:

$text = $_REQUEST['text'];
$xmlId = simplexml_load_file(';term='.$text.'%5bGene%20Name%5d+AND+%22Homo%20sapiens%22%5bOrganism');
$id = $xmlId->IdList[0]->Id;
$xmlGeneralData = simplexml_load_file(';id='.$id.'&amp;retmode=xml');
$geneName = $xmlGeneralData->DocumentSummarySet->DocumentSummary[0]->Name;
$geneDesc = $xmlGeneralData->DocumentSummarySet->DocumentSummary[0]->Description;
$geneChromosome = $xmlGeneralData->DocumentSummarySet->DocumentSummary[0]->Chromosome;
echo "Id: ".$id."
echo "Name: ".$geneName."
echo "Description: ".$geneDesc."
echo "Chromosome: ".$geneChromosome."

But, according with the profesor, this code doesn't use Xpath queries and is required that the page use it.

Someone can help me or explain me how to do it?

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  • duanbin198788 2017-06-20 12:33

    Here's converted code to Xpath query.

    $text = $_REQUEST['text'];
    $xmlId = ';term='.$text.'%5bGene%20Name%5d+AND+%22Homo%20sapiens%22%5bOrganism';
    //Load XML and define Xpath
    $xml_id = new DOMDocument();
    $xpath = new DOMXPath($xml_id);
    //Xpath query to get ID
    $elements = $xpath->query("//eSearchResult/IdList/Id");
    //Loop through result of xpath query and store in array of ID
    if ($elements->length >0) {
        foreach ($elements as $entry) {
            $id[] = $entry->nodeValue;
    echo "Id: ".$id[0]."
    //Output the first string of ID array from xpath result set
    $xmlGeneralData = ';id='.$id[0].'&amp;retmode=xml';
    //Load XML and define Xpath
    $xml_gd = new DOMDocument();
    $xpath = new DOMXPath($xml_gd);
    //Xpath query to search for Document Summary with first string of ID array from previous result set
    $elements = $xpath->query("//eSummaryResult/DocumentSummarySet/DocumentSummary[@uid='".$id[0]."']");
    //Loop through result of xpath query and find nodes and print out the result
    if ($elements->length >0) {
        foreach ($elements as $entry) {
            echo "Name: ".$entry->getElementsByTagName('Name')->item(0)->nodeValue."
            echo "Description: ".$entry->getElementsByTagName('Description')->item(0)->nodeValue."
            echo "Chromosome: ".$entry->getElementsByTagName('Chromosome')->item(0)->nodeValue."
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