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I am in the process of making my mysql queries prepared in an attempt to increase security, however I have a problem when I attempt to fetch the results of a prepared statement. I can successfully fetch one row of data however I have had no success fetching an array of data. All of the research I have done has provided examples that either don't work or are way too complicated.

My Current Code

if ($stmt = $dbc->prepare("SELECT city FROM users WHERE id = ? LIMIT 1")) {
$stmt->bind_param('i', $id);  // Bind id to parameter.
$stmt->execute();    // Execute the prepared query.

 // get variables from result.

This is my current code which only returns one result.

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我正在准备我的mysql查询以试图提高安全性,但是我遇到了问题 我试图获取准备好的声明的结果。 我可以成功获取一行数据但是我没有成功获取数据数组。 我所做的所有研究都提供了不起作用或过于复杂的例子。

我的当前代码 \ n

  if($ stmt = $ dbc-> prepare(“SELECT city FROM users WHERE id =?LIMIT 1”)){
 $ stmt-> bind_param('i',$ id)  ;  //将id绑定到参数。
 $ stmt-> execute();  //执行准备好的查询。
 $ stmt-> store_result(); 
 $ stmt-> bind_result($ city); 
 $ stmt-> fetch  (); 


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