2014-12-03 16:25
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Although this may sound impractical, please hear me out...

Let's say I have two strings:

I want to use AES 256-bit Encryption to convert the first string to the second string.

In AES (or any similar) Encryption, is it possible to search for a key that would work for such a situation, where the decrypted and encrypted text are known but not the passphrase?

If so, could someone suggest how I could implement it in PHP?

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我想使用AES 256位加密将第一个字符串转换为 第二个字符串。

在AES(或任何类似的)加密中,是否可以搜索适用于这种情况的密钥,其中解密和加密的文本是已知的,但不是 密码?


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  • doter1995 2014-12-03 16:40

    This is how bruteforcing encryption works, well the other way around, but still. You try all possible combinations and see if the decrypted text makes sense.

    Unless the encryption algorithm is completely broken, you can't do what you ask. AES-256 is not broken.

    Imagine if this was possible, then you could find the encryption key in a https dialog for instance as a response always starts the same way. I.e. "200 Ok"

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