douan4106 2014-09-29 07:35
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I tried to make long-polling with PHP myself, but it works terrible and eat a lot of processor time.

Is there any ready solutions of keeping a lot of connections (for comet or websockets) using PHP? Something like node.js or erlang?

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  • doujianzhi3358 2014-10-02 15:34

    The closest thing to node.js on php is ReactPHP. Here are some benchmarks that compare the performance of node.js to ReactPHP.

    If you're working with websockets and looking for something closer to, but for PHP. I would suggest taking a look at Thruway (I'm one of the developers).

    Thruway is built on top of Ratchet (websocket library) and ReactPHP (event loop). It simplifies getting websockets working with PHP and gives you RPC and SubPub via the WAMPv2 protocol.

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