2014-06-17 00:02
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I have a Laravel table posts with multiple categories. How can I fetch all the posts grouped by categories? I was doing something like Post::where('userID', 1)->groupBy('categoryID'). But this only returned a flat array of named arrays like this:

[1 => ['title'=>'title 1'], 2 => ['title'=>'title3']]

How can I return an array of arrays like this:

[1 => [['title'=>'title 1'], ['title' => 'title 2], 2 => [['title'=>'title 3']]]

UPDATE: I'm currently doing a join and then use Laravel's collection to sort it in php:

   Post::join('categories', ....).where('userID', 1)->get()->groupBy('categoryID');

I am able to get what I want, but wondering if there is a better way?

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  • dongyu7074 2014-06-17 00:36

    You may want this:

    $catsWithPosts = Category::with(array('posts' => function($query){
        $query->select('title')->where('userID', 1);

    Assumed that, you have declared proper relationship between Post and Category model.

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