2013-11-17 07:31
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Laravel - 重定向到控制器

I keep getting: Unknown action [HomeController@showHome]


Route::get('/', ['before' => 'checkUserFilter'], 'HomeController@showHome');
Route::get('/createUser', 'UserController@createUser');


Route::filter('checkUserFilter', function() 
    if (Auth::guest()) 
        return Redirect::action('UserController@createUser');




public function createUser()
   // removed everything else, the return redirect action isn't working.

  return Redirect::action('HomeController@showHome');


public function showHome()
    return View::make('home');

When a user loads the webpage, the filter checks if he's a guest or not, if he is, go to the createUser method in UserController.php. It creates the user, but it doesn't redirect back to HomeController. How can I stop the above error so it redirect back to the HomeController?

I also have another question: What would be a better way to place the return redirection action, besides in the method? I would like it if I can use this same method for multiple things, for example create a user in the admin control panel.

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  • dsirr48088 2013-11-17 08:19

    I assume your route to HomeController is where the problem exists.

    Here are two possible solutions:

    Solution 1: routes.php

    Route::get('/', array('before'=>'checkUserFilter', 'uses'=>'HomeController@showHome'));

    Solution 2: HomeController.php

    public function __construct(){

    Haven't tested it, but hope that helps.

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