2013-05-06 06:52

YouTube API - 查找用户的合作伙伴网络


I have setup the YouTube API to get various bits of information. For example, if I want a YouTube user's channel name, I have the code:

$channelsResponse = $youtube->channels->listChannels('snippet', array(
'mine' => 'true',
$_SESSION['channel'] = $channelsResponse['items'][0]['snippet']['title'];

So my question is: with my code setup like this, how can I get the YouTube Partnership network? For example, if the authenticated user is itsjerryandharry the program should tell me Maker Studios (or RPM or SocialBlade or whatever it's called now)...

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  • doomm4711 doomm4711 8年前

    I had a similar issue when attempting to do this, but i managed to come up with this solution:

    How to programmatically find out what channels are part of a given YouTube network?

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  • duanli0119 duanli0119 8年前

    I believe you can check the video/channel webpage source code and extract the relevant information.

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