2013-04-21 01:20
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在加载[关闭]之前出现在页面上的杂散“ - >”

I just moved my wordpress site from localhost to the live site, and it is showing "-->" before the page is loaded. What's that about?

Not sure if this is related, but the jquery scripts I am using have also stopped working.

Link to the site here.

Background: I had a difficult time moving the site. At the last minute, before moving the site, I changed the theme folder name. This broke a lot of instances throughout the theme where it referred to a path through that folder, so I had to fix those. I used a search and replace tool on the DB, but there were also some instances in the CSS I found that had to be fixed manually. Also, when I tried to import the SQL DB into the live site via PHP myAdmin, it said there was a syntax error. That seemed over my head, so I tried to just import the WP content through their import tool and then manually set up the menus and such again.

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  • duangu6588 2013-04-21 01:23

    An "unopened" comment block. Without the opening <!--, the stray closing --> is printed on the page.

    If you are using a CMS (yep, you tagged WordPress), then

    1. You'd have to find that line where the --> appears.
    2. Look at the surrounding code and determine what it is. It could be a part of
      • The template
      • A plugin
      • User content (especially unfiltered input)
      • WordPress itself (who knows, it might have slipped QA)
      • Something that you placed in your site that we don't know!
    3. Look for that template/plugin/whatever and dig in!

    Still, it's manual work, but at least you have a much narrower scope.

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