2014-10-28 13:56
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在adobe air应用程序中打包iOs开发的文件

I'm working on a simple iOs APP in adobe Flash CS6 AIR application. the app would have a registration and Login form which communicate with MYSQL database on my server using PHP and Flash (well flash wont be flash once its packaged as iOs).

now the question that i have its confusing me alot is that do i need to include the PHP files when i package the APP in flash?

its all a bit confusing because on the normal server/domain all you do is place the Flash file and PHP in the same directory or folder on the same server and it would work but on an iPhone APP, there is no server and I'm not sure how the MYSQL connection in php would work!

could someone please shed a light on this?

Thanks in advance

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我正在使用 adobe Flash CS6 AIR应用程序中的一个简单的iOs APP。 该应用程序将有一个注册和登录表单,使用 PHP 和Flash(很好的闪存不会闪存一次)与我的服务器上的 MYSQL 数据库进行通信 打包为iOs)。


它有点令人困惑,因为在普通的服务器/域上,你所做的只是将Flash文件和PHP放在同一服务器上的同一个目录或文件夹中,它可以工作但是在 iPhone APP,没有服务器,我不确定php中的MYSQL连接是如何工作的!



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  • du4822 2014-11-17 22:25

    When you create your iOS application. You only need to include the files are that going to be directly running on the device (ie. additional SWC's and images). The PHP file since it is going to be accessed elsewhere will not be required to be added. Also just a word of device, make sure to compile the iOS application with the most recent Version of AIR, or Apple will reject it.

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