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I have a simple 5 page website in which users keep track of their water intake. I know nothing about developing mobile apps, been reading the past 5-6 hours about applications like Apache Cordova and Adobe's Phonegap but found out they work only with HTML, CSS and JS.

So what is the best way to transorm my responsive web site (that has PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and is connected to mySQL) to a simple iOS and Android app using Phonegap or Cordova?

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  • dongshi6969 dongshi6969 5年前

    I am currently doing exactly the same and was thinking about exactly the same before.

    I read a lot of the choice between Cordova and Phonegap (which is a Cordova build), and came to the conclusion that I would use Cordova with the Ionic framework in Visual Studio. So far this has provided me a good workspace with a lot of possibilities.

    For the second part, transferring data from your webserver towards your app: I have made several API's which I am running on my webserver and which returns the data in JSON which can be read by Javascript. This data is parsed by my application and shown to the user. For this way you will need a webserver, but even the cheapest shared webhosting should do the job.

    The Ionic framework got the basics of making a good multi-platform app, with all the styling already added and a very good documentation.

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