2014-01-24 17:07


Hey guys i have a system where when you click one div it loads up one div and the other loads up another but instead of this i'm trying to get it to load up content based off a variable to consolidate things betters

So the main question it, how do i set a PHP through a jQuery function e.g.

$(document).ready(function () {
        <SET VARIABLE>

So then in the PHP it will be something like:-

    if (($appLaunched) == 0) {
    echo "0";

 else if (($appLaunched) == 1) {
    echo "1";

Thank you in advance, help would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • douchuose2514 douchuose2514 7年前

    You can't set a PHP variable with JavaScript. PHP is parsed and executed on the server and then outputs the data to the browser. Once output to the browser any JavaScript is run. It can't then "talk back" to the PHP that processed it. That would be like Harry Potter giving advice to J.K. Rowling on how best to progress the story.

    The closest you can get to this kind of behaviour is with an AJAX call -- using JavaScript to determine the data to send to a different PHP script, potentially with return data which can then be processed by JavaScript. However, I don't believe that this is the sort of thing you're looking for.

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