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In my database I've a table file and a table file_content. The file table stores the metadata of the file such as name, mime and some more. The file_content stores a blob with the file content. I'm not storing the blob in the same table as the metadata for performance reasons only.

For a 'version 2' of my project I'm looking into Doctrine (2.3). To me, a "File" seems to be one entity, with properties such as name, mime, extension, content that should be used like this:

$file = new File();
$file->setContent('Hello world!')

Is this behaviour possible? To me it makes no sense to create two entities for something that's really just one entity. I could not find anything about it in the documentation and I read in a 2-year-old topic that it isn't possible in Doctrine 2.1: Doctrine 2.1 - Map entity to multiple tables

Someone any suggestions how to handle this correctly? I'm new to Doctrine and have been playing around with it a bit to see if it's the right choice for my project. Thanks.

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  • dongzouche9108 2013-08-13 15:58

    Do you have the ability to alter the schema of your database? If so, I'd consider consolidating this into one table.

    Barring that, you may want to try a one-to-one relationship in Doctrine. Perhaps something like:

    class File {
        private $id;
        private $name;
        private $mime;
        private $content;
    class Content {
        private $id;
        private $data;
        private $fileId;

    If you map Content->fileId with a one-to-one relationship to File->id, then you can do things like:

    $file->getContent()->setData("something different");

    Here's some more info on one-to-one mappings:

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