drd99007 2013-07-18 12:23
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I am currently working on a Shopify store. I have a PHP script hosted on another server that I need to display on my shopify store.

The script I am using has to be included into a page via PHP.

This has to go in the header:

<?php require 'doo_inc/class/dooMCForm.php';?>

And this goes within the body where you wish to display the button:

<?php  echo $DooForm->doo_load_form(true, true, true,'blueBtn', Click here to Subscribe); ?> 

I understand I should use webhooks to display the PHP on the website but I really am struggling with this...

I need to have the modal box loading onload rather than by a button aswell...

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  • dongma6326 2013-07-24 07:29

    You can't include a PHP script within a Shopify template. Shopify templates allow only HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Liquid. HTML gives you a few possibilities to include external resources, for example an iframe or an external script (JavaScript). Using JavaScript you could also load an external resource and replace some of your HTML dynamically.

    Webhooks can't be used to accomplish this task. Webhooks are used in back-end to back-end communication. You're developing something to be used in the front-end.

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