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I have a table in my database which is related to another table, there are 2 fields in database one is minprice and another is maxprice, these fields have floating value stored in database (eg. 23.47 Lac). Now i want nearby value from database on 1 field, I am using round($r->minprice); for this, but it's giving me the value between (1-100), But i want like this (Suppose a property have price 13.45 lac, then it could be show min 10 lac on display), What will be the condition for this.

Here are my code....

$praa = round($r->minprice);
$prop->meta_desc = $best." ".$subCat[0]->cat_name." ".$in." ".$cities->name
                    ." ".$Location->locations.","." ".$r->title." ".$subCat[0]->cat_name
                    ." ".$under." ".$praa." " ."Lac";
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    duansaxf095988 duansaxf095988 2019-07-28 20:37

    You can try this:

    $praa = (int) round($r->minprice, -1);

    It'll round to the nearest 10th.

    Live demo here

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