2019-07-14 10:31
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I'm using this package spatie-laravel-permission

to add roles and permissions to my website.

in my admin dashboard, I fetched all users and set a delete method.

public function user_destroy ($id){

        $user_delete= User::findOrFail($id);


        return view('admin.users.index')->with('success','User is deleted');

so using the code above does not remove the user and his role.

I get this error :

Return value of App\User::getStoredRole() must implement interface Spatie\Permission\Contracts\Role, instance of Illuminate\Support\Collection returned

i tried to use PHP detach() :


It is actually working but I get this error :

Undefined variable: users (View: resources\views\admin\users\index.blade.php)

The PHP $users are defined in the index view like this :

public function mainUsers(){

       $users = User::latest()->paginate(5);
       return view('admin.users.index',compact('users'));


I don't know what is the problem when I use PHP detach() the $users are defined and I get all the users on my index.

Any idea of how I can solve this problem:?

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  • douzhao2047 2019-07-14 10:47

    it turns out that I'm returning a view which expecting a $users instead of redirecting to the index of users.

    changing from :

         return view('admin.users.index')->with('success','User is deleted');

    TO :

    return redirect()->route('users.index')->with('success','User is deleted');

    fixed the whole darn problem

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