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使用Carbon延迟作业调度时出现意外的“ - >”

I'm trying to delay a Laravel Job dispatch. But when I try to run my function, I seem to encounter this

syntax error, unexpected '->' (T_OBJECT_OPERATOR).

The error seems to be coming from the 3rd line of the code that I displayed.

That line of code is also copied from this website.

Please advise me on what to do, and sorry if this seems like a rookie mistake.

class Auto_Order_C extends Controller {
    public function ordering() {
        $job = new Auto_Order_Job()->delay(Carbon::now()->addMinutes(5));
        return redirect()->back()->with("status", "Job submitted");
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    dongzhizhai4070 dongzhizhai4070 2019-06-10 14:28

    You need to separate out the logic:

    $job = new Auto_Order_Job();

    Or per Franz's comment, put the class creation in parenthesis:

    $job = (new Auto_Order_Job())->delay(Carbon::now()->addMinutes(5));
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