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I am trying to integrate Stripe's checkout. I am using
I have a amount's input box on the form and I want to pass that input box's value to Stripe's script. <input id="amount" name="amount" type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Enter amount" onKeyUp="calculate()" pattern="^[0-9]*$">

Heres my stripes script

        src="" class="stripe-button"
        data-key="<?php echo $stripedetails['publishable_key']; ?>"
        data-amount="1000"//<-Amount here 
        data-name="KAEM Technologies USA, Inc"
        data-email="<?php echo $email;?>"
        data-currency="<?php echo $curr_code; ?>"

I tried using COOKIES , I tried to assign js function's var to php using

  var x = document.getElementById('amount').value;
  <?php $amount = "<script>document.write(x)</script>";?>

So how can I pass input box's value to stripe's script without submitting the form. Thanks
@barmar heres the code I tried:

 <button type="submit" id="custombutton" class="btn btn-primary" ><i class="fa fa-cc-stripe"></i>&nbsp;Pay Via Card&nbsp;&nbsp;</button>
                         <script src=""></script>
                            var handler = StripeCheckout.configure({
                              key: 'pk_test_DzL83GJnn9U4lMBuk311P1hK0026zJJrLW',
                              image: '',
                              locale: 'auto',
                              token: function(token) {
                                // You can access the token ID with ``.
                                // Get the token ID to your server-side code for use.

                            document.getElementById('customButton').addEventListener('click', function(e) {
                              // Open Checkout with further options:
                                name: 'KAEM Technologies (USA), Inc.',
                                description: '2 widgets',
                                amount: 2000

                            // Close Checkout on page navigation:
                            window.addEventListener('popstate', function() {

Is this right ?

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