2019-03-29 14:32
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无法在admin wordpress中登录:标题前面的脚本输出结束:index.php

I have a wordpress page working fine in my LAMPP local server with Php7.2. Everything is going fine. Now I have it in Strato hosting server. I can see main pages, but when I go to the admin side, I only can see the login form, but never go into. I've enabled debug in Wordpress and server logs show me

"End of script output before headers: index.php"

I'm using the same version of Wordpress (5.1.24) and Php (7.2) with my own theme.

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我的LAMPP本地服务器中有一个wordpress页面正常工作,并且有Php7.2。 一切都很顺利。 现在我在Strato托管服务器上有它。 我可以看到主页面,但是当我进入管理员端时,我只能看到登录表单,但是从不进入。 我已经在Wordpress中启用了调试,服务器日志显示了我 < blockquote>


我使用的是相同版本的Wordpress(5.1.24) 和Php(7.2)有我自己的主题。

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  • doulin2025 2019-04-04 10:15

    After 10 days I've got my problem solved. The problem was caused by Ultimate VC Addons and newer version of Wordpress. Once I paid for new version the problem was solved. The obsolete methods dissapeared.

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