2018-07-19 17:47
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I am including a remote file after making

allow_url_include = On

The file is included using include_once in file.php

include_once ("");

I am using simple LAMP stack.

My question is that for every request which comes to the server and uses file.php, func.php will be pulled from Within a request if file.php is included many times in other files will func.php be pulled every time?

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  allow_url_include =  On 


  include_once(“http:// abcd  .com / func.php“); 


我的问题是,对于每个到服务器并使用file.php的请求,func.php都将从abcd.com中提取。 在一个请求中,如果在其他文件中多次包含file.php,那么每次都会调用func.php吗?

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  • duanhuayong6687 2018-07-19 18:24

    The _once means you will load the file once per request. But will load it again on a new request. If you want to cache some response of this file make a return in that included file and save the result anywhere you like. For example in a textfile (i.e. as JSON-string). On the next request you check if that file exists.

    However saving in a textfile may not be the most perfomant way to do this, but probably faster than requesting this file every time. Have a look at Memcache

    Include into a var: $data = include_once('...'); (include has to have a return)

    $data = cached_include('..') (the function you write to get cached data)

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