2018-07-19 18:38
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如何在不使用Eloquent ORM时构建Laravel应用程序

I'm new to Laravel and am working on a collection of API endpoints that fetch data from a variety of database tables, transforms and processes that data, and then returns it as a JSON response. What I'm struggling to decide, from reading the documentation, is where my processing/transformation code should live.

I've setup my routes in routes/api.php, and have them point towards a Controller subclass, but from here things get a little murky because I'm not currently looking to make use of Eloquent ORM. It seems like typically I'd generate Model subclasses for each database table, and have a Repository call into those and transform the returned data, like so:

Route => Controller => Repository => Model

But where should I be placing both the database query code, and the logic required to process/transform that data (the business logic), when not making use of Eloquent ORM or the Model paradigm? Making the controller fat with DB queries and logic seems like a messy solution, but at the same time a lot of the Laravel DB example code does place logic in Controller subclasses.

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