2018-07-17 05:35
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drupal 7重定向会话超时

I am new to Drupal. Currently, The user is not redirected automatically to login page once the session gets expired instead it redirects only if I reload the page. Is there any way to automate this. Thanks in advance

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我是Drupal的新手。 目前,一旦会话过期,用户不会自动重定向到登录页面 它只有在我重新加载页面时才会重定向。 有任何方法可以自动执行此操作。 谢谢提前

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  • dqppv86022 2018-07-17 09:35

    This could be an interesting option for you, the following module will show you an automate popup when the session is going to expired, then user can choose if want to close its session or wants to continue logged. If the user choose to close its session, it will be redirect to the login page. And if the user doesn't choose any option, it will automatically redirect to the login page. enter image description here

    enter image description here

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