2019-08-03 03:10
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无法连接到mysql - 在InMotion托管上使用PHP 7.1设置Laravel 5.8时出错。 多个PHP版本

I can't seem to get laravel to connect to MySQL using PHP 7.1 and laravel 5.8


Illuminate \ Database \ QueryException could not find driver (SQL: select * from users

I didn't have this issue using php 5.6 and laravel 5.4 but I'd rather use the new versions!

I did:

composer update

composer require doctrine/dbal

and included extension=pdo_mysql.so in php.ini as well as restart apache

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我似乎无法使用 PHP 7.1 连接到MySQL strong> laravel 5.8


Illuminate \ Database \ QueryException可以 找不到驱动程序(SQL: select * from users

我没有使用 php 5.6 < / strong>和 laravel 5.4 但我宁愿使用新版本!


  composer update 
composer需要doctrine / dbal 

并在 php.ini <中包含 extension = pdo_mysql.so / strong> as以及重启apache

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  • duanqiao0153 2019-08-03 23:23

    ok this is fixed:

    The server's PHP configuration has been switched to the Apache MPM to "Event" rather than "Prefork" as Prefork is typically only needed on non-FPM servers running Opcache.

    also enabled FPM on my site running php 7.1 as it is typically required when running Opcache on separate PHP versions.

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