douhao2721 2018-08-25 06:14
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Hi I'm new to php and code igniter. what I tried is to get login info from view and validated user and need to send a message to user whether login details are incorrect.

Controller Code :

defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Welcome extends CI_Controller {

    public function __construct() {


    public function index()
    public function login_check()
        //echo "directed";
    $user_id = $this->input->post('usernm');
    $userPassword = $this->input->post('passwordd'); 
    //echo $user_id.' and'.$userPassword;
    $var = $this->login_model->check_login($user_id);
    $status = 0;
        echo "Invalid user";
        $status = 0;
    //echo var_dump($var);
    $username = $var->username;
    //echo $username;
        $status = 1;

  //$this->load_>view('login\login');// at this point it does not redirect to login page and instead of that displaying error not found.
//echo $status;



Same url ,earlier loaded when it called from from index function but fi it is calling from login check()function does not directed to the view and displaying error 404 page not found.

Any assistance regarding this world be a great help. Thanks a Lot!

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  • douping1581 2018-08-25 06:59

    You need to write redirect('welcome'); instead of redirect('login/login');. Because login/login is the view page and you are trying to redirect direct on view without using controller. So you have two option which I had written bellow.

    1. redirect('welcome');
    2. $this->load->view('login/login');

    My suggestion is please choose 1st option because 2nd option already you have implemented in first one.

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