2018-08-13 08:21


How to add the delete_id = $(this).attr('delete_id'); jquery variable in the 'product_id' => ???? of the ajax url

I have this route: Route::delete('/{store}/{table_name}_{table_id}/{receipt_id}/shop/cart/{product_id}', 'Cart\CartController@destroy')->name('cart.destroy');

and this ajax:

        delete_id = $(this).attr('delete_id');
         var form_data = $(this).serialize(); //prepare form data for Ajax post
          type: "DELETE",
          url: '{{ route('cart.destroy', ['product_id' => ????, 'store' => $store, 'table_name' => $table_name, 'table_id' => $table_id, 'receipt_id' => $receipt_id]) }}',
          dataType:"json", //expect json value from server
          data: form_data
        }).done(function(data){ //on Ajax success    
                $('.cart-button a span').text(data.count);
                if (data.count < 1) {
                    $('.container #cartContainer').remove();

The html form is in a foreach statement (for each row in the cart) and the row id is in the delete_id attribute:

<form id="cartItem_delete" delete_id="{{ $item->rowId }}" class="side-by-side">
                                {!! csrf_field() !!}
                                <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="DELETE">
                                <button type="submit" class="btn btn-danger btn-sm" value="Remove">Remove</button>
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  • dtot74529 dtot74529 3年前

    You can add action attribute to form with url:

    <form action="{{ route('cart.destroy', ['product_id' => $item->rowId, 'store' => $store, 'table_name' => $table_name, 'table_id' => $table_id, 'receipt_id' => $receipt_id]) }}"...

    then get url in submit event:

    var action_url = $( this ).attr('action')

    and pass it to ajax:

        url: action_url
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  • dreamfly2016 dreamfly2016 3年前

    You have 2 options

    1. pass the value as a ajax param and then you will need to change the route and controller
    2. you build the url and append the id via javascript

    url: "{{url('/')}}/{{$store}}/{{$table_name}}/{{$receipt_id}}/shop/cart/"+delete_id

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