2019-07-06 21:58
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As the title suggests, I'm wondering If it's technically possible for a PHP script to act as an SOCKS proxy. If not what are the technical limitations?

I have access to a paid hosting which provides me with executing PHP scripts and a domain name is connected to the host. (e.g.

Is there any SOCKS proxy written in PHP so I may upload it a directory at host (e.g. and configure a client (like Firefox) to connect via the proxy.

  • cURL and other extensions are supported.
  • I'm not yet sure about SSH access.
  • I have seen projects like php-proxy or glype but These are not things I need because they can be used only by browsing proxy's homepage. (They are web proxies, But I need a proxy server)

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正如标题所示,我想知道如果PHP脚本在技术上可以充当SOCKS代理。 如果不是什么技术限制?

我可以访问付费托管,它可以让我执行PHP脚本并且域名已连接到主机。 (例如。

是否有用PHP编写的SOCKS代理,因此我可以在主机(例如上传一个目录并配置客户端(如Firefox) )通过代理连接。

  • cURL和其他扩展都受支持。
  • 我还不确定SSH访问。< / li>
  • 我见过像php-proxy或glype这样的项目但这些不是我需要的东西,因为它们只能通过浏览代理的主页来使用。 (他们是网络代理,但我需要代理服务器)
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  • doulezhi5326 2019-07-06 22:10

    What you describe will not work. While PHP does have the ability to create a TCP server, a proxy server in particular must already be running and listening for connections before a client tries to connect to it, and hosting providers execute a PHP script only on an as-needed basis whenever a client requests the script via the HTTP/S protocol, running the script only for the duration of that request. For what you want, you need a dedicated server running your PHP application separate from a web server. You won't get that with a hosting provider.

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