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I've updated to the latest Magento 1 release ( and I've noticed that whenever I edit my details, after logging in, the session is recreated and I am redirected to the home page. has anyone else experienced this issue, or know how to resolve it?

I've tried disabling all modules (local and community), but the problem still remains.

I've also installed a blank version of Magento, but I get the same results.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to a customer account from the frontend
  2. Navigate to account information page (customer/account/edit/)
  3. Save account

Repeat the above steps a couple of times and eventually the session is disregarded and a new session is created in var/session, which results in redirect to home page.

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我已更新到最新的Magento 1版本(,我注意到每当我编辑 我的详细信息,登录后,会话重新创建,我被重定向到主页。 还有其他人遇到过这个问题,或者知道如何解决它?




    \ n
  1. 从前端登录客户帐户
  2. 导航至帐户信息页面(客户/帐户/编辑/)
  3. 保存帐户

    重复上述步骤几次,最终会话被忽略,并在var / session中创建一个新会话,从而导致重定向到主页。

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