2017-01-30 14:24
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I am trying to call customer login api.


with body

    "username" : "xxxxx@gmail.com",
    "password" : "fsfsdf"

I am getting an error

"You did not sign in correctly or your account is temporarily disabled."

But i am able to login through magento website.This error is getting only for particular email ids.Please help me

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  {  {url}} / index.php / rest / V1 / integration / customer / token 

with body




但我可以登录 通过 magento网站。这个错误只针对特定的电子邮件ID。请帮助我

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  • duanbin198788 2017-01-31 13:44

    This is an open issue in mganeto 2.


    Magento2 keeps track of failed attempts to get a token with an email and the wrong password (in the oauth_token_request_log table). If the failures_count column reaches the max allowed value (which is 6 by default). then authentication fails.

    A temporary solution that i have done, is running cron job that does this cleanup on the database.

    DELETE FROM oauth_token_request_log;

    The above SQL will runs in every 1 minute.

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