2019-01-11 05:59
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first, Sorry for my weak english

i have a local repository and a repository on my server which remote to online repository on VSTS.


I run pull command in ServerRepo and conflict occured. some files both modified. so i have tried to edit conflicted file with phpStorm and upload them with FTP. but upload files Failed! so i edit non conflicted file and sent it to server with FTP without any issues.

finally i found that just conflicted files cannot be uploaded.

What should I do?

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我有一个本地存储库, 我的服务器上的存储库,它远程到VSTS上的在线存储库。

  .- local \
.server / 

我在ServerRepo中运行pull命令并发生冲突。 一些文件都被修改了。 而且我试图用phpStorm编辑冲突的文件并用FTP上传。 但是上传文件失败!我编辑非冲突的文件并用FTP发送到服务器没有任何问题。



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  • doutui7955 2019-01-11 06:32

    finally i know the reason of this issue.

    i use git in server with root user and conflicted file's owner changed to root from admin.

    for this reason i recieved error. i change files owner and issue Solved,

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