2018-12-13 17:37
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I am trying to retrieve a specific column from a table in my database. Name of the column is verification_type_id and table is certificate_verification_type.

When I vardump() the variable which I am using to retrieve the column, here is what I get:

    [14]=> array(2)
        ["certificate_id"]=> int(9)
        ["verification_type_id"]=> int(2)
    [15]=> array(2)
        ["certificate_id"]=> int(9)
        ["verification_type_id"]=> int(3)

Here is my laravel eloquent query:

$certVeriType = CertificateVerificationType::all()->where('certificate_id', $certType)->toArray();

How can I only retrieve the column 'verification_type_id' form the table. Here is the migration file of the table:


Thanks in advance!

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  • duancifu6769 2018-12-13 17:48

    Add -> pluck() ( The pluck method retrieves all of the values for a given key ) to your eloquent query:

    $certVeriType = CertificateVerificationType::all()
        ->where('certificate_id', $certType)
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